Can you help me write five short questions from Chapters 1-5 of Hellen Keller's The Story of My Life

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Helen Keller's The Story of My Life is an autobiography in which Keller reflects on her life, especially the time she spent with Anne Sullivan. The first five chapters of the book establish Keller's young childhood illness and her and her parents' journey to help her live as fully as possible while both deaf and blind. The following five questions relate to these chapters:

  1. How old was Helen when she was struck with the fever that would lead to her disabilities?
    Answer: Nineteen months old

  2. Who first attempted to teach Helen to communicate?
    Answer: Anne Sullivan

  3. How does Helen react when her rudimentary attempts at communication are misunderstood by her family?
    Answer: Temper tantrums

  4. Who did the eye doctor refer them to when he could not suggest a surgical option for Helen's vision?
    Answer: Alexander Graham Bell

  5. What is Helen trying to do when she accidentally sets the house, and herself, on fire?
    Answer: Dry her apron
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Here are five questions from the first five chapters of The Story of My Life:

  1. Chapter One: Who was Helen Keller named after? (Answer: She was named after her grandmother, Helen Adams.)
  2. Who were Helen's companions before her teacher, Anne Sullivan, arrived? (Answer: Martha Washington, an African-American girl who was the child of the cook and who understood Helen's signs, and Helen's dog, Belle, were Helen's companions.)
  3. Who was the famous person who referred Helen's parents to the Perkins Institute, the school for the blind in Boston? (Answer: Dr. Alexander Graham Bell referred the family to the Perkins Institute.)
  4. What was the present that Anne Sullivan gave Helen after she arrived at the Kellers' house in Alabama? (Answer: Anne Sullivan gave Helen a doll and then taught her to spell the word "doll.")
  5. By which river did Anne teach Helen? (Answer: Anne brought Helen to the banks of the Tennessee River to learn about nature.)
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