Describe the ceremony before and during the final bullfight in The Sun Also Rises.

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Sword-handlers and bull-ring servants came down into the bull-ring carrying wicker baskets of fighting capes and muletas. The sword handlers opened the sword cases and propped them up against the fence. They unfolded the muletas and attached them to batons. The names of the bull fighters are stencilled on all of the capes and muletas. Then the music started and the bull fighters all walked into the ring. There was a great procession of bull fighters, picadors, mules, and bull-ring servants. The matadors bowed before the President's box and tipped their hats. Romer took off his cape and gave it to his sword-handler, and the sword-handler gave the cape to Brett. Romero was dedicating the bull to her, which is part of the tradition. Then Romero poured water on his cape to weight it down so it would be easy to handle in the wind. There were three bull fighters, and the first one, Belmonte (a has-been) fights the first bull.

Belmonte is past his prime, and the people are not happy with his performance because it is good, but not great. The third bull fighter is Marcial, but he is not as good as either Belmonte or Romero. Romero is the last one to do, and his performance is brilliant. There is a very long description of how he artistically fights the bull and wins.

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