Describe the setting-up of Brett's and Romero’s affair in The Sun Also Rises.

Expert Answers
lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Brett meets Romero, the young bull fighter, while she is in Pamploma with Jake, Robert, Bill and Michael (her fiance). She is immediately attracted to him, even though she is 34 and he is only 19. She is a realy cougar! Romero is a very handsome young man and a skilled bull fighter, even though he is very young. Everyone is talking about how talented and good looking he is, and Brett says she has fallen in love with him, but in typical Brett fashion, it is just a sexual attraction. She cannot take her eyes off of him -- she makes continual comments about his sexy green pants, how he must get into his clothes using a shoe horn, how she would like to meet him, etc.

When she finally does meet him, with Jake, she finds that he speaks English better than he is pretending to speak it. He says it is all an act because his fans would not like it if they knew how well he spoke English. Brett flirts with him, asking him to teach her Spanish. Jake gets the idea that they want to be alone, so he leaves, and when he returns, Brett and Romero have left to go to his room.