Questions in the book of proverbs chapter 1 up to 15 in king james version.

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You do not state what your questions are. I'll give an overview of these verses and if this is not what you need, please be more specific.

Chapter 1 of Proverbs begins with an explanation of the purpose of the book and an intro to the author. In verse 1-6, it explains that the proverbs are written by King Solomon for the purpose of gaining wisdom and discipline from the Lord, for understanding and insight into God's plan for life, for becoming disciplined and prudent in life, for doing what is right, just and fair, for young people to gain prudence, knowledge and discretion. For older, wiser people, they are to listen and add to their learning by understanding proverbs, parables, sayings and riddles of the wise. Then, in verse 7, Solomon says a very important thing that one must bring to the study of proverbs:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction

This does not mean to be afraid of the Lord, but to revere and respect him because true wisdom and knowledge can only come from him. Foolish people don't seek God's wisdom.

Beginning in verse 8, there is an exhortation for the young to listen to the father's teaching and not ignore the teaching of the mothers either. Solomon says that if young people learn from their fathers and their mothers, they will thrive (there is a simile: it will be like "an ornament of grace" on their heads).

In verse 9, it continues to warn young people not to be enticed by sinners, not to listen to sinners, not to be deceived by sinners. Do not let sinners entice them into committing murder or robbery. Verse 15 says not to even set one foot on this path because it leads to evil.

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