Questions to ask Cherry to show her point of view ?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cherry is a great character, because she retains the ability to rise above the petty Greaser/Soc squabbles.  The fight between the two groups is life and death at times.  What makes it petty is that both groups can't empathize with the other group; therefore, both groups can't understand that they are different sides of the same coin.  Cherry understands that.  It's why she tells Ponyboy that "Things are rough all over."  

I would most definitely ask her flat out "What do you think of the Greaser and Soc conflict?"  The reader gets a good idea of what she thinks about it through her actions, but it would be great to hear her flat out opinion.  

I would also like to ask her how she is able to so quickly "read" people.  She figures out Johnny right away from their brief time together at the movies.  

She smiled and her eyes showed that her mind was on something else. "Johnny... he's been hurt bad sometime, hasn't he?" It was more of a statement than a question. "Hurt and scared."

I want to know how she is able to do that, and/or what about Johnny gave her that initial impression.  

Third question.  "Would you have started dating Bob, if you had known he was capable of beating someone to near death?"  She's Bob's boyfriend, and Bob nearly killed Johnny prior to the events of the book.  Answering that question would definitely answer how deep her moral integrity is.