For Romeo and Juliet: Was the plot developed clearly or was it confusing?FOr Romeo and Juliet; Was the plot developed clearly or was it confusing? There must have quotes. Thank you

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While many students think that Romeo and Juliet is confusing, that is usually more of a function of Shakespeare's language than his plotting. The plot to Romeo and Juliet, while a little far-fetched in some cases, is clear and easy to follow, once you master the language.

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I think the story is fairly straight-forward.  For one thing, we know what is happening most of them time.  The only time I was confused was in the beginning, but that is because the story is still-unfolding.  We never do find out why the two families are feuding.  That would be the only loose end.  I am not sure it's that important.  Compare that with Macbeth, which is full of loose ends. :)

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I think this is largely up to the reader. Many, especially younger readers, find Shakespeare confusing, not so much because of the complexity of the plot, but because of the language, which can be, let's face it, pretty challenging. In terms of plot, I think the plot in Romeo and Juliet is pretty clear- even the Friar's scheme at the end of the play is straightforward enough that the audience agonizes, knowing what is going to happen to the two lovers. Some of Shakespeare's plots are a bit more complex- I find King Lear, for instance, to be a little hard to follow at points, but I don't see Romeo and Juliet that way. But again, that is only my opinion. Ultimately, to answer this assignment, you'll have to say whether or not you thought it was confusing.