Maria's bathtub contains 60 gallons of water. She drains the tub at a rate of 12 gallons a minute. Write an equation to represent the number of gallons(g) remaining in the tub after(m)minutes. How long will it take her to drain the tub at this rate?

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Volume of bath tub in gallons (V) = 60

Rate of draining water in gallons per minute (R) = 12


When time t = t min

Volume of water drained out in gallons = R*t

Volume of water drained out in gallons = 12t


Water retaining in bath tub = Total volume - volume drained

Water retaining in bath tub = V - Rt

Water retaining in bath tub = 60-12t


When the amount of water retaining in bathtub is 0 then the tub is fully drained.

60-12t = 0

         t = 5


So bathtub will be fully drained in 5minutes.



Here we have to assume that the draining rate of bath tub remains constant at all time. Usually it decreases when the water volume decrease.


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