. Question being asked is; discuss the significance of twain's use of satire in romantic literature with its mournful subject matter in poetry and its ridiculous plots in novels 

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I believe you are trying to ask how Twain satirizes Romantic literature. Twain finds the poetry of Romantic Literature and the Plots of Romantic Novels completely ridiculous. This is primarily identified through the poem which Emmeline writes called: Ode to Stephen Dowling Bots, Dec'd. Huck, who we know to be uneducated, is completely impressed with her dreadful, overly mournful poem. 

ANother way in which Twain ridicules romantic literature is when Huck and Tom are trying to free Jim. Huck comes up with a simple, straight-to-the-point plan, while Tom (who reads these ridiculous Romantic novels) plans an outrageous rescue mission for Jim.

Ultimately, Twain is commenting on civilization and the ridiculousness of all the "hoops" we have to jump through. We have to appear just so sad or do things just a certain way. In fact, the whole novels is simply a commentary on "sivilization" and how Twain sees it as completely ridiculous. He believes that society's main goal should be to help each other and instead, society is pure selfishness--we are only out for our own needs.

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