In the question and answer in the Julius Casear section...I see the questions but can't locate the answers; can you help me?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When going to the topic of Julius Caesar in the red "Search" window of the upper right corner, as you probably know, you will then see a blue shaded Study Guide  for this play.  Click on Julius Caesar under this; then, you see tabs that read "Study Guide," "Lesson Plans," Homework Help," Reference Guide," and "Reference"; click on "Homework Help." There will be a box asking for your question; scroll down and the questions that are unanswered as well as answered will be listed there in blue. Simply click onto these questions to read an answer. (Be sure they have "one educator answer" under them. Otherwise, they are "unanswered.")

In addition, if you wish to read about themes, character analysis, summaries, essays and criticisms, etc., return to the Study Guide where these subjects will be on the left in blue and you can click on them. 

Hope this helps you! Thanks for using Enotes. [For a short cut, you can just click on the reference link for homework help, or the others]

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Julius Caesar

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