Question about the thesis.Refer to this article In recent years, nutrition research and practice...

Question about the thesis.

Refer to this article

In recent years, nutrition research and practice have lagged behind many other biological and medical fields. In part, this lag is due to many pseudoscientific beliefs and practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific methods.”  The controlling is that nutrition research is not being studied as much as biological and medical fields because the ideas fail to have a scientific foundation.

Based on this argument can you provide  5 supporting arguments that supports the thesis

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
A thesis statement is the thing that the author is trying to prove. It is usually found in the first paragraph of a paper or essay. This is the case with the article you referenced above. Here the author clearly states, "my purpose here is to...answer a series of key questions about adult human nutrition." The author goes on to outline several such questions. The easiest place to find support for the author's thesis is in the "controversial questions answered" section of the article. Here the author goes back to those initial questions alluded to in the thesis statement. The author also claims that pseudoscience attempts to answer many of these questions. You can find supporting details about these pseudoscience answers in the "what do we know" section of the article.

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