Question about "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry" How would you compare and contrast a typical school day at Great Faith School with a day at Jefferson Davis County School?

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First of all, in "Rolling Thunder, Hear My Cry," the children of Great Faith School must walk along a dirt road in order to get to school, while the other students ride in a bus, a bus which often muddies their clothes as it crashes through puddles on this dirt road.  Whereas the children of Great Faith have not had a textbook until this year--textbooks that are old, worn, and written in by former students of Jefferson Davis School--the white students have new textbooks.  Cassie and Lil Man's mother teaches in this school, refusing to use a textbook when she teaches the children about the evils of slavery because she says, "What is in the books is not correct." 

One day, Mr. Granger, a wealthy man who resides near the Logans and one of the Wallace brothers enter the school and hear Mrs. Logan as she teaches history.  Shortly therafter, she is fired.

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