What are some examples of racism towards the Hazaras in The Kite Runner?

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Some of the common insults used to harass Hazaras in Hosseini's The Kite Runner include "flat-nosed," "donkeys," and "Babalu." Hazaras are a minority ethnic group in Afghanistan and are treated as inferior by many members of the majority group, the Pashtuns. Some of the prejudice is based on ethnicity and some is based on the associated religion; most Hazaras are Shi'a Muslims, while most Pashtuns are Sunni. In the novel, Hassan and his father Ali are Hazara, and Amir and his father Baba are Pashtun. However, Baba and Ali grew up like brothers, as did Amir and Hassan; therefore, their relationships are an oddity in their world. In fact, Amir is bullied along with Hassan, simply for being seen in public with a Hazara. Despite the emotional connection between these Hazara and Pashtun characters, the Hazaras are an uneducated servant class and the Pashtuns in the novel are upper class, so that creates a very complex relationship between Amir and Hassan.

In Chapter Two, Amir begins to detail...

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