Qd= 1000-10P Qs= -200+10P Identify the Q intercept for the Demand curve and P intercept for the Supply curve.

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The y intercept of a function, y = f(x) can be found by substituting x = 0. Similarly, x intercept can be found by substituting y = 0. Intercept is the value at which the curve crosses that particular Axis. 

In this case, demand curve is given as:

Qd = 1000 - 10 P

Q intercept is the value of Q where the demand curve crosses the Q Axis. This can be found by substituting P = 0.

In other words, Qd = 1000 - 10x0 = 1000

Similarly,  for the supply curve,

Qs = -200 + 10P

P intercept is the value where supply curve intersects the P Axis. And it can be found by substituting Qs =0.

Thus, -200 + 10 P = 0

or, P = 200/10 = 20.

Hope this helps. 

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