Q1Lady Macbeth underestimates the crime committed by her husband by saying that Little water clears us of the deed; how easy is then. Explainplease can i have the answers of these two...

Q1Lady Macbeth underestimates the crime committed by her husband by saying that Little water clears us of the deed; how easy is then. Explain

please can i have the answers of these two questions..will be very thankful to you :)

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mrsk72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From the start of Act 1 Scene 5, when Lady Macbeth reads the letter from Macbeth, she opens her heart up to evil forces. In the early part of the play, she is the driving force when Macbeth's determination wavers.

However, there are several indications as the plot develops, that she underestimates the mental impact the murder will have on her and Macbeth. Macbeth is vocal in his horror at killing Duncan and his evil thoughts, saying:

"Macbeth shall sleep no more"

Lady Macbeth appears to be mentally strong when she berates Macbeth for his behaviour at the Banquet in Act III Scene IV, however, Shakespeare has given the audience a clue that this is an act. In Act III Scene II, Lady Macbeth has a brief 4 line soliloquy in which she expresses her regret:

"Nought's had, all's spent"

She, only reveals this to the audience - this internalised angst leads to her increasing madness and possible suicide.

zahoa001 | Student

It is also possible that she is in just as much shock and just as scared as Macbeth is. It is true that her guilt consumes her and later drives her to suicide. I think that she is reassuring her husband just as much as she is trying to reassure herself. She is coming to terms with the realisation that she has taken part in something evil and irreversible and I think that, in this moment of panic, she needs comfort. Since Macbeth is unable to provide this, she tries to do this herself. It is true that she is speaking on a literal level about not being caught red handed but also she is trying the deal with the guilt and terror she is feeling on a more subtextual level.

devudilip | Student

lady macbeth had encouraged or more correctly persuaded her husband to kill duncan. it was lady macbeth who plotted a plan for the assassination. macbeth was afraid to do this deadly deed. she scorned and mocked him for this. after the deed he was filled with guilt and fear. he even did not replace the dagger, instad hurried to his room after the murder. his hands were full of blood. lady macbrth believed that washing off this blood will make them safe. she thought this was the only proof to prove that they have committed it. so according to her, a little water will save them. this event highlights the lack of imaginative faculty and forsight in lady macbeth. infact she was a thoughtless woman to encourage and support her husbands dangerous ambitions.