Discuss the role of print in the French Revolution.

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I think that the contribution of print, or the printed word, had a huge impact on the French Revolution.  The "rise of Enlightenment" ideals played a massive role in the initiation of thought that led to the French Revolution's beginnings.  This involved the embrace of democracy, the rejection of absolutism, the belief that all problems can be solved, and the notion of rights being applied to everyone, universal to all and denied to none.  Voltaire's assertion of individual rights in such a zealous manner was in printed form so that the French citizens could understand his point being made.  Rousseau's conception of human nature, put forth in works like Emile, caused reading and application of such reading to political contexts to hold meaning.  At the same time, the printed word that showed how successful the American Revolution was also helped to inspire those who wanted to start revolution.  The documents in each were extremely significant. Jefferson's "Declaration of Independence" was countered with the French Revolution's "Declaration of the Rights of Man."  Here, the printed word holds much in way of importance in playing a significant role in the French Revolution.

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