Q. The system shown in the figure is initially at rest and is being pulled by a force F= 18 N to the right. Given m=1 kg. Find tension in the string.(in Newtons) (ANS: WILL BE AN INTEGER)

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The figure shows a block of mass 3 kg that is being pulled by a force 18 N to the right. The block is placed on a frictionless surface. On the block is a smaller block with mass 2 kg. This is connected by a string that passes around pulleys to a block with mass 1 kg placed on the frictionless surface that the 3 kg block is on. The coefficient of friction between the 3 kg block and the 2 kg bock placed on it is 0.5.

When the force of 18 N is applied on the 3 kg block, the block accelerates towards the right. If there were no friction between the 2 kg block and the 3 kg block, the block on top would remain stationary. The presence of friction, pulls the 2 kg block towards the right too. The force acting on the block is 2*10*0.5 = 10 N. This is the tension in the string.

The tension in the string is 10 N.

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