Q. Molar heat capacity of water in equilibrium with ice at constant pressure is:- a) zero b) infinity c) 40.4 `kJ mol^-1 K^-1` d) 75.4 `kJ mol^-1 K^-1`

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Water, in equilibrium with ice has a steady temperature of zero degree Celsius.

Water, in the liquid state, has a  specific heat of exactly 1 calorie per gram.

Molar mass of water is 15.999+2.016=18.015 grams per mole.

Therefore, molar heat capacity of water at zero degree Celsius is

=18.015*1 Calorie/mole/K

=18.015*1*4.184 Joules/mole/K.

=75.4 J/mole/K.

None of the given options is correct.