Q. How many numbers of ` 90` `/_Cl-I-Cl` angles are there in compound `ICl_3` ?

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First let us try to do the Lewis structure of the compound in order for us to determine the angles present in the bonds. 


Total number of valence electrons

I = 7

Cl = 7x 3

total = 28 valence electrons

1. Attach the three Cl to the central atom I:

Cl - I - Cl

Remaining electrons = 28 -(2x3) = 22

2. Supply the lone pairs on all the Cl following the octet rule. 
  ..        ..
:Cl - I - Cl:
  ''    |   ''

Remaining electrons = 22 - 18 = 4

3 Place the remaining electrons on the central atom.

  ..  ....  ..
:Cl - I - Cl:
  ''    |   ''

Notice that the central atom (I) does not follow the octet rule (exemption to the rule).

4. Determine the shape of the molecule.

The shape of the molecule according to VSEPR theory is T-shaped. The molecule type is AX3E2.

5. How many 90 degrees Cl-I-Cl bond are there?

There are two 90 degrees Cl-I-Cl bonds present in the ICl3 molecule. 

Note: please consider the attached image 

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