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What were Gandhi's views on education in Hindi swaraj?

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If there is a strict adherence to Gandhi's structure of the swaraj, education, like so many social services, are localized and personalized.  The idea of self rule at the smallest level extends to education where individuals received directed instruction on what connects to their own experience.  Gandhi's construct of the swaraj was based on the idea that all people have a shared understanding of what is believed to constitute lessons to be taught.  I think that Gandhi's own personal sense of subjectivity was something that he believed would be shared by all.  Thus, the universalisation of this experience would form the basis of the education in the swaraj.  It has to follow this line of logic.  If there is no standardized education because all expressions of the good is based on localized self rule, then, at some level, Gandhi's belief of education relies on everyone sharing the same principles and same subjective experience, constituting this basis of education.  In this light, Gandhi was able to stress that local self- rule, even on the smallest of levels, can be preserved, deconstructing the British form of government as well as all centralized authority structures that could possess the propensity for abuse.

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