Pygmalion  is a Shavian play- kindly explain.

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Pygmalionis a play written by George Bernard Shaw. It is probably his best-known play. The title comes from a Greek myth about a sculptor who fell in love with a statue of a beautiful woman he himself had made. He prayed to the gods that the statue could become a real woman, and it did. In the play, which was made into a musical comedy titledMy Fair Lady, Henry Higgins, a language professor, teaches a Cockney girl to speak like an upper-class lady, and he then falls in love with her. The word "Shavian" is an adjective often used to describe anything written by or resembling the works or the style of George Bernard Shaw. It is written and pronounced this way because "Shawvian" or "Shawian" might seem awkward. I believe the word should always be capitalized, so I have edited the word in your question.