How do I find the purpose of the text, the structure of the text, the audience, and linguistic features?

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This assignment has a few parts.  First, you will most definitely need to read the pages listed in your text book. Without the title of the piece, I can't help you much with that, but I can help explain what you are looking for in the piece. 

 1.  The purpose of the text - As you are reading, think about why the author wrote it: to inform? to persuade? Every author has a purpose for writing, and that's what you will be looking for here.  

2.  The structure of the text - Think about how the author chooses to arrange the writing. Is it a narrative? Does she go through the narrative structure of exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution? Is there a flashback or surprise? If it's non-fiction, is it cause and effect, or main idea with supporting details? Think about how the author organizes the information in the piece.  

3.  The audience - For whom was the piece intended? Who did the author want to read the piece, and, sometimes more importantly, what would be the audience's reason for reading the text. 

4. Linguistic Feature - This is a very broad umbrella of information. Think about syntax (sentence structure), selection of detail, any kind of imagery provided by the author.

Good luck! 

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