Is the purpose of management course to teach student about management or to teach them to be managers? Discuss.

krishna-agrawala | Student

It is not possible to answer this question in terms of simple 'agree' or 'disagree'.

Of course the purpose of teaching management is to teach students to be managers. But this does not mean that management coursed do not teach about management. To become good managers the students must understands the basic principles of management and various concept that help to understand and analyse nature of work to be managed, the behavior of people performing the work or otherwise affected by work, and the environment within which work is performed. Managers must also learn specific tools and techniques of management. The part of management courses that impart such understanding may be described as teaching about management.

In addition, management courses must also help students to develop specific skills required by them as managers. The students acquire such skills through assignments, case studies and group interactions. This part of management course may be described as teaching to be managers.

Thus management courses teach students about management as well as to be managers.

rogmutk | Student

i agree because management is an art or science of planning, implementing policies and procedures