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Is pure water heterogenous or homogeneous?        

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Pure water is composed entirely of water molecules. A sample that is composed of only one substance is called a pure substance

Mixtures contain two or more different types of substances. The terms homogeneous and heterogeneous are usually used to describe how the substances in a mixture are arranged:

  • Homogeneous Mixture: In a homogeneous mixture, substances are evenly mixed throughout the mixture. Every sample taken from a homogeneous mixture will contain the same substances. Example: salt water.
  • Heterogeneous Mixture: In a heterogeneous mixture, substances are unevenly mixed. Samples taken from different parts of the mixture may contain different substances. Example: oil and water.

In summary,

  • Pure Water is a pure substance. It contains only water molecules. The terms homogeneous and heterogeneous are not usually used to describe pure substances. 
  • A mixture of water and salt is an example of a homogeneous mixture because the salt is evenly mixed throughout the water.
  • A mixture of water and oil is an example of a heterogeneous mixture because the water and oil separate into two separate layers and are not evenly mixed.


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