I  purchased a car, then I found out he was not an authorized dealer.  Is there any way I can report him?basically,the car was a lemon

Expert Answers
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, it is not illegal to sell cars as an independent or unauthorized dealer.  If he misrepresented himself as an authorized dealer, or included incentives or guarantees on behalf of a company he did not represent, and you have that in written contract form, then he has committed fraud, and you can report him to authorities.  If you have no written proof that he misrepresented himself, it is a tough case to get any action on.

If the car is a lemon, nearly all state have "lemon laws" which allow you to get your money back or the vehicle replaced if 1) it was a new car, and 2) a set number of repair jobs have been required before a certain mileage or time limit from the purchase.

I suggest you contact the Better Business Bureau in your local area and file a complaint if you feel you've been wronged, and authorities if you believe fraud has taken place.  If you have no luck in those two areas getting satisfaction, you may want to contact the auto manufacturer he claimed to be a dealer for, as they may wish to take legal action.  Good luck.