A publisher has order for 600 copies of a certain text from San Francisco and 400 copies from Sacramento. The company has 700copies in a warehouse in Novato and 800 copies in a warehouse in Lodi. It costs $5 to ships a text from Novato to San Francisco, but it costs $10 to ship it to Sacramento. It costs $15 to ship a text from Lodi to San Francisco, but it costs $4 to ship it from Lodi to Sacramento. How many copies should the company ship from each warehouse to San Francisco and Sacramento to fill the order at the least cost?

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Because it is cheaper to have books shipped to San Francisco from Novato you would have all 600 shipped from there as it is only $5 per text.  Also it is cheaper to have books shipped to Sacramento from Lodi I would have all 400 shipped from there.  This means that the least possible cost would be

600(5)+400(4) =

`3000+1600 = $4600`

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