Describe a public policy issue in Texas.

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boblawrence eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Your question is incomplete, not including what sort of information you seek on a public policy in Texas.  I assume you are looking for information on a public policy issue in Texas that might be in some way newsworthy or controversial.  I reworded your question in the form of a complete sentence, and am making an assumption as above in providing this answer.

I would suggest studying or reporting on the Texas Policy for Capital Punishment.

Currently, Texas executes more people than any other state.  So whenever the issue of capital punishment arises, Texas is prominently mentioned in the discourse.

Texas has executed prisoners since 1819, using methods of hanging, firing squad, electrocution and, currently, lethal injection.  To date, Texas has executed 1,226 individuals, only 6 of whom were female.

Here are some reasons for Texas’s high execution rate:

Large Population (Texas is the second most populous State)

Politically conservative climate

Appeals process handled by U.S. 5th circuit appellate court, noted to be conservative in nature

In Texas, crimes for which capital punishment is an option include capital murder, capital sabotage and repeated aggravated sexual assault of a minor.

Controversies on capital punishment revolve around the following themes:

1.  Cruel and unusual punishment

2.  Concern for false conviction (execution of an innocent person)

3.  Pain and suffering (currently a concern in lethal injection, with a moratorium on executions in several states)

4.  The usual religious, moral and ethical arguments for and against capital punishment

The reference gives extensive details on capital punishment in Texas.  It includes discussions of Texas law, the court processes, the appellate process, execution procedure, housing of death-row inmates, related politics, and much, much more. It is a source of ample material for an essay or discussion.