Why do some people fail to develop moral values?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While some researchers argue that moral values are innate, others believe that they are learned. Moral values essentially are the choices one makes regarding how he or she will live his or her life. Typically, these values are supported by the society or community the individual lives within. Moral values are only accepted through the free will of a person, given he or she must choose to follow through with them or not.

Therefore, one only develops moral values thorough accepting the values to be valid and worthy. One will fail to develop moral values when he or she refuses to accept them as valid. If a person does not see the good in moral values, the morals hold no value. For instance, imagine that two people witness a hold up in a convenient store. One person identifies the situation as morally wrong and intervenes. The other person sees nothing wrong with the situation and does nothing (not because of fear, but because he or she does not question the morality of the situation). The person who intervened illustrated good morals. The other person did not.