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The dictionary definition of psychology is: 'the science of the mind or of mental states and processes.' Arguments are made on both sides of this issue. While psychology is not a science in the same sense as biology or chemistry, clinicians do use questioning processes to delve into the mental state of human beings, predictions are made as to the success of methods used to treat individual psychological conditions, and experiments are used to test the attainment of a desired outcome, with data on those experiments and outcomes recorded for future use and analysis. In addition, theories are developed based on experiments, treatments are changed based on outcomes, and new experiments tested in the search for better outcomes.

The celebrated psychologists Jean Piaget began his career as a biologist studying mollusks before branching off into the study of children. Using empirical evidence from studying children, Piaget is noted for breakthroughs in the areas of ‘child psychology, educational psychology and cognitive development.’

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