In William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily," analyze one character from a psychological perspective. please give a detaile explanation          

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Based on Miss Emily's actions throughout the story, a psychological analysis would conclude, among other things, that Miss Emily was psychologically detached from the present and that repression of normal human aspirations led to Miss Emily's murderous and abnormal behavior.

When the town aldermen visit Miss Emily in order to get her to pay her taxes, for example, Miss Emily insists

See Colonel Sartoris.  I have no taxes in Jefferson. . . . See Colonel Sartoris (Colonel Sartoris had been dead almost ten years.)

Miss Emily, in part because she lived as a recluse in her home with no contact with the outside world--her servant, Tobe , took care of tasks that required leaving the home--lived in a world in which time had stopped at some point in the past.  While the world...

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