Provide two examples of Allie's hypocrisy in The Mosquito Coast.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Allie Fox is shown to be a massive bundle of contradictions as a character, and his behaviour is often shown to be in opposition to his beliefs. We can particularly see this in relation to the way that he talks about the USA and how he acts. Consider, for example, the way that he scorns hamburgers as being a food that is very unhealthy whilst at the same time he chomps on a cigar all the time. Whilst hamburgers definitely are unhealthy, cigars are much worse, and Allie shows his hypocrisy in this way.

Along the same vein, Allie waxes lyrical about the shallow and superficial nature of American pop culture, focusing on the various evils of TV, magazines and politics, but then turns around and says that it is impossible to blame everything on the president. Such beliefs show his hypocrisy and the way that he clearly has contradictory ideas that undermine the force of his beliefs.

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