Provide a summary of the movie Luther (Eric Till, 2003) starring Joseph Fiennes.

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This very interesting movie, with odd contradictions to its quality in inadequate crowd extras and costumes, begins with Luther as a self-flagellating monk immersed in contrition, progresses to a now educated monk who is a professor at Wittenberg University (the same university Shakespeare sends Hamlet to in Hamlet), and ends with a married Luther writing a German vernacular translation of the Christian Bible.

All who study the Protestant Reformation know what Martin Luther is most noted for, yet in this well-envisioned script and film, we see Luther in several life capacities and dealing with several dramatic life situations. As a monk at a peaceful monastery, a position he sought after a promise made to God if he would only be spared death in a lightning storm, he is tormented by his perception of his sinful nature (wrong-thinking and wrong-doing self). This is so much so that his mentor and fellow monk sends him on a mission for the monastery to Rome, for the purpose of forgetting...

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