Provide some basic biographic information on the coach of the Lakers Basketball team, Mike D'Antoni. 

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Mike D'Antoni's basic biographic information reads as one who is wedded to the game.  His first ascension to coaching with the Denver Nuggets did not feature that much success.  Yet, when D'Antoni became the coach of the Phoenix Suns in 2003, he began to make a name for himself.  The addition of Point Guard Steve Nash the following year helped D'Antoni facilitate a high octane and fast paced offense that became the Suns' signature style of play during the D'Antoni years.  The name "Seven Seconds or Less" was not merely a book he authored in those years, but rather a reflection of the style of play that was so prevalent in his coaching of the Suns.

D'Antoni took this philosophy as the coach of the New York Knicks.  His tenure as Knicks coach was not as successful, primarily because the expectations were too high in such a large setting and that he never quite found the personnel to run his brand of offense.  For D'Antoni, his time in New York was not awful, even though he felt the need to resign in the middle of 2012 season.  Yet, D'Antoni was not able to adapt his brand of coaching to the personnel in New York.  Currently, D'Antoni is in his second year of coaching the Los Angeles Lakers.

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