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Provide a political viewpoint on the issue of global poverty on what is currently being done and how the issue can be resolved.

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One political viewpoint holds that the current efforts to end global poverty are doomed to fail because they are run by the rich countries and, ultimately, benefit those countries rather than the developing countries they are ostensibly helping.

This viewpoint is aligned with dependency theory.  Dependency theory holds that the rich countries cause the poor countries to remain poor by treating them, in essence, as colonies.  To this way of thinking, current efforts at poverty relief are simply extensions of this treatment.  Groups like the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank provide money to developing countries to help fight poverty.  However, those entities attach conditions to the money that (the theory goes) are onerous and hurt the developing countries.

From this political viewpoint, the developing nations need to be allowed to close their economies to imports and need to have complete control of their domestic economies so that firms from other countries cannot exploit their resources in ways that help the firms and not the country.

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