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by Khaled Hosseini

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Provide observations and quotations, with page numbers, illustrating the customs and behaviours associated with the culture's attitude regarding courtship customs. If there are similarities in aspects of the cultures, include explanations of Afghan verse Canadian courtship custom beliefs. (In association with the novel The Kite Runner)

Amir’s courtship of Soraya reflects Afghan courtship customs through parents. Despite their instant chemistry (page 117), calling Soraya directly would violate customs. When Amir oversteps, her father admonishes him. "The honorable thing" is to send "his father to knock on the door (page 123)" and Amir sends Baba to "ask General Taheri for his daughter's hand (page 138)." Amir also recognizes the "Afghan double standard that favored my gender (page 123)." Canadian customs are more egalitarian.

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The customs and behaviors associated with Afghan courtship can be seen with Amir’s courtship of Soraya. When Amir first sees Soraya, there is an instant chemistry between them. He writes,

...I blinked, my heart quickening... Her eyes, walnut brown and shaded by fanned lashes, met mine. Held for a moment. Flew away (page 117).

However, calling her directly would violate their customs. Amir makes excuses to pass by to see her. He "would walk by, pretending not to know her, but dying to." In his culture, it would be extremely bold, and a large misstep for him to approach her directly. Moreover, it would also be wrong for him to speak with her with no thought of marrying her. Amir notes:

Honor and pride. The tenets of Pashtun men. Especially when it came to the chastity of a wife. Or a daughter (page 121).

Baba understands that Amir is attracted to Soraya,...

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