The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe

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Provide at least two examples of foreshadowing from the story and indicate what each example foreshadows.

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When Montresor encounters Fortunato on the street he twice pretends to believe that Fortunato has an "engagement," that is, that Fortunato is expected somewhere. Montresor would not like to lure Fortunato to his palazzo if, for example, he were expected at home. His wife might send servants out looking for him and asking questions; and people on the streets might remember that he had been with Montresor when last seen. But since everybody had been drinking, it was likely that nobody would remember much of anything the next day, or the day after that, when it was finally realized that Fortunato was missing. Montresor gets no response from his intended victim the first time he pretends to think Fortunato has an "engagement," but the second time he tries the same ploy he gets the answer he wanted. Fortunato says:

“I have no engagement;—come.”

This foreshadows Fortunato's doom, since the reader knows full well that Montresor hates Fortunato and is probably looking for a way to kill him...

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