Provide examples of three technological devices/concepts that have had the greatest impact on virtual organizations.

Expert Answers
pholland14 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Three devices/concepts that have made virtual businesses possible are Paypal, the cellphone, and social media. Paypal and other methods of paying for things online have cut considerably into the business of brick-and-mortar stores and allow people to work for businesses online without the hassle of dealing directly with banks. Several people use Paypal as their primary banker as they buy lots of goods and services online. The cellphone, and more importantly the smartphone, allows people to stay in touch with business clients and to work virtually anywhere in the world. While most people enjoy the flexibility of not having to go to a regular office job, other workers complain that they are constantly "on the clock" and have to answer clients at any time of day or night--this can be quite a problem given the global nature of virtual business. Social media provides low-cost advertising for start-up businesses; sites such as Facebook and Instagram are free and they allow regular people to advertise their businesses. This is important, as many new businesses fail due to spending too much on advertising and not enough on personnel or inventory.

jenlombardo eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Three technological devices that have had impact on virtual organizations are the cell phone, iPad Tablet and webcam. These are in addition to the Internet that allows for virtual offices and flex-time that allows for virtual jobs and Internet telephone calling systems that allow for virtual secretarial/receptionist offices.  These technology products have helped companies to move from brick and mortar facilities to nontraditional virtual environments.  

The cell phone has allowed employees to keep up with communication via text and phone calls at any place in the world.  The iPad has allowed for easy sales calls and convenient virtual offices.  The webcam has allowed for employees to have conferences from the comfort of their home offices.  Many other products such as laptops, email, cloud computing, high definition televisions, and high-tech cameras also allow instant communication and virtual office productivity to increase.