Provide examples of the three levels of distribution intensity.

Examples of the three levels of distribution intensity, which are intensive, selective, and exclusive, are, respectively, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet cars, and Tiffany jewelry.

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The first level of distribution is intensive. In this type of distribution, the producer or seller uses all the available distribution channels to make sure that the product reaches the consumer. Intensive distribution is used on generic goods because they have plenty of substitutes. Most generic products don’t have any brand name on them. However, they can be differentiated by how they are packaged. Companies use intensive distribution for these products because consumers are not loyal to any brand, they just want the product because it helps to fulfill a certain purpose. Therefore, the company is likely to sell more if it makes its products available in all stores in the area.

The second level of distribution is selective. Here, the company distributes its products to a few dealers and retail stores. The company has specific rules that intermediaries have to meet if they want to distribute their products. For example, if the company wants to sell its products in a new market, they...

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