Provide character sketches of Helen Keller's parents.  

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To the information provided by the previous educator, I would add the following to the character sketch of Helen Keller's parents. First of all, her parents were extremely loving towards Helen and doted on her. Helen describes her father, for instance, as being "indulgent" and "devoted to his home." He never left the family, except to hunt. Helen speaks with equal fondness about her mother. In fact, she says that her mother is "so dear" to her that it is almost impossible to express it adequately.

In addition, Helen's parents were extremely supportive of her educational pursuits. They were "deeply grieved and perplexed," for example, when they were unable to find a school for deaf-blind children that was close to the family homestead. In response, Helen's parents took her to Baltimore to see an "oculist" in the hope that something might be done for her eyes. But they did not give up hope and continued to fight for Helen's right to be educated. This led them to Anne Sullivan, the woman who would play a pivotal role in Helen's life and development. 

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Helen Keller's father was Arthur H. Keller.  He had been married once before he married Helen's mother.  He had two older sons with his previous wife.  During the Civil War, Arthur Keller had served in the Confederate Army as a captain.  Later, he married Kate Adams, who was "many years younger."  Helen described her father as "loving and indulgent."  He was a man who was "devoted to his home."  His hobbies included hunting, gardening, and story-telling.  He was full of hospitality and loved to have guests over.  He also enjoyed spending time with his dogs.  He passed away when Helen was a teenager, after a "short illness."

Helen Keller's mother was Kate Adams Keller.  Robert E. Lee was one of Kate's distant relations.  Kate was a loving and devoted mother.  She was patient and watchful.  On many occasions, Helen told of how her mother held her and comforted her when she was upset.  Kate was delighted when Helen learned to communicate.  

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