Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) Questions and Answers
by Jerome K. Jerome

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Provide a character analysis of Uncle Podger in Jerome K. Jerome's book, Three Men in a Boat.

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We hear a story about the narrator’s Uncle Podger in Chapter III of Three Men in a Boat. This is our sole intersection with him, so this is the only incident we can use to analyze his character.

Uncle Podger once undertook a common, simple household task. He wanted to hang a picture on the wall. Unfortunately, he took forever and went through many tools and strategies to do this. He made the act more complex than it needed to be. He yelled at people around him for help, but he didn’t really want them to interfere. And he caused more damage and raised more additional difficulties than he needed to. He was stubborn enough to think that he knew quite well how to do this task. The reality was that he didn’t know how to do it at all. He did such a terrible job that eventually someone else had to intervene in order for the job to get done, hours later. And yet he took pride in his work and thought that he had made a good effort all along.

Uncle Podger is the kind of person who exasperates everyone around him. They all know his capabilities, even if he doesn’t. He may mean well, and he may mean to be helpful, but all he will do is to cause more problems.

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mkmm | Student
  • I think Uncle Podger is very messy and forgetful.He takes up a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders.But, at the end of the day,he messes it up always and after a long long time, he finally completes his promise.His character resembles to Harris's.