Provide biblical and contemporary examples in which a person's faith and obedience to God leads to victory.

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Placing one's faith and obedience in God (and being rewarded for that faith) is one of the recurring and unifying themes that runs across the Bible, and examples that would fulfill this theme are numerous. Take the story of Joseph, for example: betrayed by his brothers and sold into slavery in Egypt, even being imprisoned. Yet through all his travails, Joseph maintains his faith in God, and will eventually gain the attention of the pharaoh, rising high in his service. For another example, you might take the example of David, perhaps most notably the story of David and Goliath, where, even when facing this terrifying opponent, he maintains faith and confidence that God will see to his triumph over his adversary, as he kills Goliath with the slingshot.

In many respects, contemporary examples would be somewhat more difficult to track (biblical literature, after all, is fundamentally religious literature), especially when you consider that modern society is a secular one. Nevertheless, if I were to look for an example, I would probably look towards someone like Martin Luther King, Jr. Remember: for King, his civil rights work and his use of peaceful protest were actually very closely intertwined with his Christian faith so that the one was, fundamentally, a reflection of the other. With that in mind, I think he would be a promising option if you were looking for a modern-day variation on this biblical theme.

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