Provide an internet news article that relates to Business/Entrepreneurship and explain 3 entrepreneurial concepts learned from the article.

Expert Answers
Michael Ugulini eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here is the article related to Business/Entrepreneurship and it is from a small business site focused on copywriting for small business. The articles is entitled "Mobile Marketing: Copywriting & More...". The article gives advice to business entrepreneurs who want to market their business more effectively by way of mobile marketing, a burgeoning marketing element for businesses of all sizes.

Three Entrepreneurial Concepts Learned from this Article:

1. It's Wise to Keep Things Simple

This articles shows that it is important to communicate clearly to consumers when sending out marketing messages. In essence, the article indicates that clear, concise, simple messages will be of greater benefit to small businesses who engage in mobile marketing, rather than long-winded messages that will cause customers to click away because of too much of an infringement on their time.

Therefore, the article conveys that entrepreneurs must tailor their mobile messages to the medium - a medium where shorter is better, and where a concise, powerful, and relevant statement can capture the imagination of customers quickly.

2. Goal Setting

The article indicates that it is also wise for businesspeople/entrepreneurs to set real goals for their business. In the case of this article, the goal is an effective mobile marketing campaign - again, the future of advertising and promotion. Goal setting gives entrepreneurs something to shoot for. They can set a desired goal and them measure their performance along the way.

In effect, as they measure their performance, they can tweak their marketing (or any other business initiative) accordingly to promote quality results. Not having goals means a business is "winging it" somewhat and not effectively and efficiently using its resources to reach a desired positive result. Therefore, the gist here is that setting goals sets up a business for success.

3. Get Customer Feedback

The article is saying that you cannot properly market to your customers unless you know and understand them better. In this way, you can tailor your marketing message to them better, because you understand their wants and needs and what solutions they require to problems they may have.

While this article for businesses focuses on mobile marketing, it also applies to gaining feedback from customers for any number of things concerning a business. Feedback is important for businesses regarding how customers like their products and services, customer service, guarantees and warranties, after-sales follow-up service and more.

Feedback from customers helps entrepreneurs understand how to better serve their customers according to customers' ideas of how they liked to be served.