Provide an example in relation to the criminal justice field for denotative and connotative communication.

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Remember that denotative is like the dictionary definition of a word, and the connotative is a suggested meaning beyond the dictionary definition.  For example, the word pig is simply an animal on a farm which provides pork for food; this is the denotative use of the word. In using the word pig to yell at a police officer, the word has a very negative connotation with the intent to insult the officer.  The word lawyer is simply a word to describe a profession in which the person is trained to provide legal advice.  Yet, the connotative meaning is what leads to all the jokes about lawyers being the scum of the earth such as ambulance chasers. In the criminal justice field, words and their meanings, both denotative and connotative, can have a huge impact on the people you will work with as part of your job.

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