Provide a title suggestion for a compare and contrast essay for "A Worn Path" and "The Sky Is Gray."

The title will depend on the essay's main point. For example, both "A Worn Path" and "The Sky Is Gray" discuss race and class, which could serve as the main focus of the essay. Reflecting on how to summarize the topic in a concise statement that engages the reader will prove helpful in devising a title.

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Ultimately your title will depend on your essay’s main point. Consider what you are explaining about these stories. Then consider how you can summarize your overall thesis into a concise, intriguing, and informative statement. This statement should be your title.

For example, a key comparison that can be made between “A Worn Path” and “The Sky Is Gray” is that they both explore the issue of racism. You could describe this similarity in a concise title by including a quote or statement followed by the phrase, “racial commentaries in “A Worn Path” and “The Sky Is Gray.” This title would be effective because it doesn’t focus on just similarities or just differences; it instead introduces the overall focus of the essay.

Both “A Worn Path” and “The Sky Is Gray” also explore the intersection of racial inequality with class inequality. This point is also an interesting comparison to start brainstorming a thesis off of. For example, consider how the authors describe poverty and how they comment on the struggles of lower class experiences. Then consider how you can summarize your findings into a shorter statement. This statement will become your title.

Overall your title should introduce your topic and hint at your thesis. However, make sure you don't give too much away too soon. You want to grasp your readers’ attention so that they read on.

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