Provide a personal reflection or say what you think about or relate to in the story that takes place in chapter 13 of Medicine River.

Chapter 13 is focused around the characters's personal relationships. Bertha joins a dating service, and we learn more about Will's past relationship with Susan. This chapter may encourage readers to think about why people choose to act a certain way.

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Naturally, you will have your own personal reflection and thoughts on chapter 13, but the following ideas may help you compose your own ideas.

In this chapter, Bertha joins a dating service. When Will learns of this, he plants the idea in her mind that Harlen would be a good match for her. At first, she thinks this idea is humorous; however, Bertha and Harlen do start spending more time together. Will meddling in Bertha and Harlen’s business is very out of character. This may leave the reader questioning why he chose to do this. It also may incline readers to wonder if it is acceptable to meddle in others personal affairs, even for their own benefit.

Additionally, in this chapter, we learn more about Will’s past with Susan. Susan kept delaying leaving her husband, but she finally found the courage to do so. After she left her husband, Will was under the impression that they would be together. However, when he came home, Susan had “collected her things, and left.” This helps the reader better understand the pain Will must have gone through. Knowing this information, the reader may question if his past experience dictates how he is in his current relationship with Louise.

Harlen and Bertha both put pressure on Will to marry Louise, but he insists this is not what he wants. When Louise brings this up, Will states that he “trie[s] to stay away from talk like that.” This may incline readers to believe that Will acts like he doesn’t want to marry Louise because he wants to avoid being hurt again. It may also incline readers to reflect on their own personal relationships and their defense mechanisms in them.

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