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Provide a one-sentence argument originating from Jim Jones and prove why this statement is false.

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We'll begin with a quotation or argument from Jim Jones. You might select the following: “We didn't commit suicide. We committed a revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world.” Let's examine the falsity of this statement.

The first part of this statement is untrue. Jones and his followers did indeed commit suicide. Jones's claim that this was “revolutionary suicide” is also untrue, at least in his intended meaning. A revolution changes things. The suicide/murder of those at Jonestown ultimately did not change much of the larger social and political problems they were facing at home in California. Further, tragically, most of the people at Jonestown were not committing suicide as a protest; they were forced to do so. Many of the victims were children. Those who were not forced—primarily Jim Jones himself—acted inhumanely, depriving others of their lives. By acting inhumanely—causing the deaths of over nine hundred people—Jones contradicts himself, and his argument crumbles.

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