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Provide a full analysis of the themes in Q & A by Vikas Swarup with reference to some examples.

Themes in Q & A by Vikas Swarup include game shows, storytelling, abuse and violence, and adventure. The story centers on Ram Mohammed's participation in a game show, and he winds up telling authorities many stories to explain how he knew the answers. The abuse and violence which go hand in hand with poverty prevail in many of Ram's stories, all of which involve adventure.

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Q&A is the phenomenal story of a young waiter named Ram Mohammed Thomas from the famed slums of India who has no education and who successfully wins one billion rupees on a quiz show. He is immediately accused of cheating and made to account for how he knew the answers.

Storytelling is an obvious theme, as Ram tells a story from his life to explain how he knew the answer to each of the questions.

Abuse and violence is a theme that runs through many of the stories. For example, in "A Thought for the Crippled," Ram and his friend thought that a wealthy man was going to help them, but it turned out that he was an abuser.

I would argue that adventure is another prevalent theme. Every story that led Ram to one of the answers is a story of some kind of adventure, and going on the game show was, in itself, also an adventure.

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