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Provide a characterization of Deianeira and Heracles in Sophocles's Women of Trachis.

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Women of Trachis, also known as The Trachiniae and The Trachinian Maidens, is one of the lesser-known of the seven plays written by Sophocles that have survived in their entirety.

Women of Trachis is notable because it's named for the Trachinian women who form the Chorus for the play. This is a departure from the traditional Chorus of men found in most ancient Greek tragic plays. Keep in mind that all of the women characters in ancient Greek plays, including the Chorus in Women of Trachis, were acted by men who wore masks representing the female characters they were portraying.

Deianeira is the wife of the Greek hero Heracles (known as the Roman demigod Hercules), son of the god Zeus and the mortal woman Alcmene. Deianeira is portrayed in Women of Trachis as a fearful, unhappy, insecure...

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