Provide a brief summary of this article: Do you find this list of ways to reduce cancer risk useful? Do you feel there are additional ways to reduce cancer risk?

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This is such an important conversation to have. Many people feel that cancer is either in the metaphorical hand of cards they have been dealt or it isn't, and they often feel powerless to change what they feel is their genetic destiny. This article should feel empowering to such people.

The article begins by pointing out that one in three Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during his or her lifetime. That's an astounding number of diagnoses, and the types of cancer that number encompasses is also vast. Doctors have come a long way in both diagnosing and treating various forms of cancer, and some types have proven more successful in responding to treatments than others.

The American Cancer Society developed the acronym CAUTION to help people self-monitor any potential signs of cancer in their bodies (you can refresh yourself on what those stand for in the article), and self-detection is good. However, the article points out that up to 75% of cancers are preventable. The list which follows helps identify ways anyone could reduce his or her overall cancer risk.

It's a pretty thorough list, and all of it makes good health sense, anyway. Get enough sleep. Avoid tobacco. Don't carry extra pounds. As it turns out, simply watching your daily choices (such as putting on sunscreen and getting outside to soak up some vitamin D) goes a long way in lowering your cancer risk.

The only things I might add would be to eat organic when possible (this could be covered in the section about environmental toxins, but sometimes people don't consider how many toxins are in the foods they eat) and avoiding highly processed foods (e.g., soda, packaged snacks, instant noodles). One study found a twelve percent increase in cancer risk for every ten percent rise in proportional intake of highly processed foods.

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