Provide a brief description of Abdul, Rosalia, Cheslav, and Jonah from No Safe Place by Deborah Ellis.

The characters of Abdul, Rosalia, Cheslav, and Jonah in No Safe Place by Deborah Ellis are four teenagers of different ethnicities and nationalities. They meet on a boat in the English Channel and together reach their destination of England. Abdul is from Iraq, Rosalia is stateless Roma, and Cheslav is from Russia. Jonah is English and works on the boat, and his uncle was the smuggler who arranged the children’s illegal passage.

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Deborah Ellis’s novel No Safe Place includes the stories of numerous people who are traveling clandestinely ona boat from France to England. The main characters are Abdul, Rosalia, and Cheslav, each of whom is escaping from a difficult situation in a different country. On board the boat, they meet Jonah, an English boy who works on the boat. Along with narrating their interactions on the boat, which they learn was primarily used for drug smuggling, the author intersperses chapters with the characters' backstories, explaining how each of the three travelers arrived in the current situation.

Abdul is a Kurd from Iraq. His home was destroyed by bombs during the war with the United States. He was also orphaned when his mother was killed, after soldiers attacked their car because women were forbidden to drive. Abdul feels guilty that he could not save her.

Rosalia is a Roma girl who cannot consider herself a citizen of any country. She feels that she is in search of a homeland. In Berlin, Rosalia had escaped from enslavement by a sex-trafficking ring.

Cheslav is Russian and has escaped from a Russian military school. He had grown up in an orphanage. He reveals an unexpected talent for playing the trumpet and dreams of moving to New Orleans and joining a band there.

Jonah’s situation is rather different. He is English and has been working with his uncle on the Channel crossings. His uncle was the smuggler with whom the children had contracted. Jonah worries about being alone and tries to get the others to pay him the money they owed his uncle.

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