Provide 2 character traits for Gertrude, Claudius, Ophelia, Horatio, Polonius, and Hamlet between Act 1 and Act 2. Also, provide a quote to support each of your indentified traits.

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Hamlet is a character that displays a deep melancholy. He came home to find that her mother married his uncle, after his father death. Thus, Hamlet exhibits morality and righteousness. His high moral is shown in : “But two months dead: nay, not so much, not two:
So excellent a king; that was, to this,
Hyperion to a satyr; so loving to my mother
That he might not beteem the winds of heaven
Visit her face too roughly. Heaven and earth!”(I,ii)

In saying so, he makes evident that he disapproves her mother behavior. In act 2, he is distressed and confesses that he had lost his faith for life. Thus, you can mention melancholy, righteousness, and virtuosity as Hamlet´traits.


Claudius is corrupt and false. As the following lines, suggest:

Have we, as 'twere with a defeated joy,--
With an auspicious and a dropping eye,
With mirth in funeral and with dirge in marriage,” (1,ii)

Claudius pretends to mourn Hamlet´s father, but Hamlet knows that he is lying. Thus, you can mention that Claudius is corrupt and treacherous.

Ophelia symbolizes innocence. She is unable to make her own decisions, thus she follows the advices of his father and brother who warn her against Hamlet. When she tells that Hamlet has been tender to her, her father mocks at her, calling her “green girl”. You can mention that Ophelia is naïve, innocent and submissive.

Horatio is Hamlet friend and supports Hamlet´s decisions, although he is worried when Hamlet decides to talk with the ghost. You may say that Horatio is loyal and intelligent. Furthermore, he displays strength of character.

By saying, those word: “Good Hamlet, cast thy nighted colour off,” the queen shows that she is unable to give moral support to Hamlet. She did not mourn her husband. In addition, she marries a corrupt man. You can mention that Gertrude is selfish and hypocrite.

Polonius is the counselor to the king, thus he may support Claudius´s depravity. You may say that Polonius is a devoted father, since he wants to protect Ophelia against Hamlet´s mischievous. He may be a competent adviser since his opinions are well regarded by the king and queen, as when he tells them that Hamlet is mad.